House of Misery Presents… kick off second night of Lancashire Fringe Festival

house of misery, lancashire fringe festival

The House of Misery are another Lancashire-based performance group which Lancashire Fringe Festival is very proud to support.

HoM are theatre quartet with a difference, already producing engaging and humourous work to audiences in the region.

For the festival they inverse the popular pub quiz format and produce a performance show with a difference. So, if your usual night out is a pub quiz, then you’ll love HoM’s Comedy Sketch Quiz.

It’s a clever take on the traditional pub quiz, but with live theatre – and who doesn’t love a good quiz?

The comedy sketch quiz series focuses on the amalgamation of the traditional pub quiz with participatory theatre and music – through comedy.

The performance encourages the audience to consider their own Lancashire identity and knowledge of their own heritage, through the familiar scenario of the ‘pub’ quiz.

House of Misery are an innovative theatre company based in Preston, Lancashire. They are a collaboration of local, professional, writers, artists, musicians and actors, who seek to bring art, in a relatable form, to unexpected public locations, such as cafes, pubs and streets.

House Of Misery Presents Comedy Sketch Quiz will open the second night of Lancashire Fringe Festival – Sat July 16 – at 7pm.

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