Lancashire Photography Festival

Lancashire Photography Festival featured the iconic work of John Davies and the bold, brash imagery of Peter Dench, the festival launched on April 2nd, 2021, with all works across the city able to be viewed from the street, in a covid-safe way.

Davies stunning black and white work was shown in a stand-alone installation in Winckley Square while Dench’s vivid colour images were displayed on the hoardings of the former BHS building on Fishergate.

The work of dozens of local photographers was shown on the hoardings of Preston Market, plus projects by Blackpool Sixth Form students and Preston Photographic Society was also displayed in the city.

Images of Preston skaters from Moor Park skate park were displayed at multiple sites across the city and there will be several unique, large-scale installations on walls across the city.

All images in the festival were able to be viewed from the street, in a totally safe, socially-distanced way compliant with lockdown restrictions. This means it was free!

The festival launched on Friday, Apr 2nd – a few days after the stay-at-home lockdown guidance was lifted in England. The festival duration was extended due to its popularity, with images on display for almost three months.

It is hoped that the festival can become a regular event in the city, displaying the work of photographers from around the world – and enagaing local audiences and encouraging everyone to try photography.

Documentation of 2021 Lancashire Photography Festival:

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