Ahoy! Comedian AJ Hill comes to Lamcashire Fringe Festival

aj hill, ahoy, lancashire fringe festival

Heading to Edinburgh Fringe’s PBH Fringe program is highly-rated Manchester comedian AJ Hill.

Hill is a stand-up comedian who has performed internationally and has enjoyed TV appearances on BBC3 and as a regular guest on The Daily Rundown.

His eclectic use of props, singing, bad puns as well as straight stand-up make his sets memorable and unpredictable.

Aiming to make the audience feel part of the action Hill frequently assigns roles or gives gifts to audience members while squarely making himself the butt of the joke.

Hill has a two-week run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe with his show Ahoy! – which he will preview at Lancashire Fringe Festival on Friday, July 15 at approx 7.15pm

AJ Hill in Edinburgh: PBH Free Fringe (Edinburgh Festival) August 17 to August 27 at Opium Bar.
Also: Greater Manchester Fringe Festival July 18 July Eagle Inn, Salford.


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