Artists call out for Lancashire Fringe Festival – July 15 & July 16 2016

The Lancashire Fringe Festival takes place on July 15 and 16, 2016 in Preston.

If you’re an artist/performer/comedian/magician/funny person/etc you might like to take part.


It’s a new arts festival, mainly for performers. So you could call it a performance festival. We’re starting small. Two nights. A handful of performers. It could be you.

We want to bring the best performers (comedians, poets, artists, entertainers etc) to Preston. We want the people of Lancashire to see some amazing acts, some of which are on their way to Edinburgh Festival fringe in August

Because this festival is being held with a genuine fringe ethos (ie without money, but with a bucket at the end of each performance) our aim is to be as nice as possible to you – the performers – while you’re in the cultural hub of Preston. This could stretch to anything from taking you round the bus station to putting you up for the night. We’ll do our best. Mention anything in the form that you might need help with. No promises mind.

You can download the call out form LFF call out form.

lancashire fringe festival


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