Big Festival Saturday #lancsfringe

Sat May 21 – Big Festival Saturday

10.30am – The Larder – Louise Fazackerley: The Sleepover + workshop (ages 4-10 and grown-ups of all ages)

12pm – The Larder – Martin Kiszko: Green Poems for a Green Planet (for families)



Meeting at Preston Bus Station pedestrianised area (southern end) Led by Stone the Crows and Brigantii

1.30pm-1.50pm – Preston Bus Station pedestrianised area (southern end) – Fool Size Theatre: Fig Leaf Wars 20mins

1.55pm-2.20pm – Preston Market (Wallace & Gromit statue) – Aline Costa: A Woman’s Face dance 25mins

2.25pm-2.55pm – Lowthian Street – Miss Inform

2.55pm-3.10pm – St George’s Centre (Friargate entrance) – Phoebe Foxtrot: I Shout Kind Stuff at Strangers

4pm-5pm – Winckley Square – IC Theatre: It’s Grimm Up North (three performances across the square)

6pm – Plau Bar – Oliver Lavery: Trickster Makes This World 30mins

7pm – Media Factory – Kat Radeva: 40 minutes for 40 years

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