#HowToBegin – Louise Owrin

HOW TO BEGIN is a week-long digital artist workshop designed as a space to reignite, reawaken, or re-encounter your artistic practice. It is a place for anyone who feels blocked, uninspired, bored, fed up, or out of love with their artistic practice. You can think of this as an artist’s call-to-arms, an invitation to commune with your art-self, or a love letter to your burgeoning art practice.

The workshop lasts a week. It will begin on a Sunday and end on a Sunday. 

Every day during the week (Mon-Fri) you will receive a short tutorial video from me, beginning with a tip or skill that I use in my work, and ending with setting you a creative task for the day. You can complete this task whenever or wherever you’d like during that day.

The workshop will close with a live group session on the final Sunday, to share, debrief, and reflect.

This workshop is intended for those at any stage in their career, and will serve as a pick-me-up, an invitation and a provocation for your arts practice. It is designed to get your creative juices flowing, whether or not you call yourself an artist, whatever stage you are in your arts practice, and wherever you are in life. Tasks will centre around unblocking your own creative life-line, tuning into your inner artist radio, and first and foremost giving you a place to begin (again).

The workshop is open to artists of any discipline: live artists, poets, writers, performers, directors and anything in between.


The workshop will be running again in June (see dates below). This 2022 edition is designed specifically as an extra special transatlantic version for UK and US-based artists who are interested in forging connections and making magic with fellow artists either side of the pond. Though this is a workshop which focuses on individual practice, the course will provide space for you to connect with other artists in its unique online spaces, so you could think of it as an exclusive artist-only matchmaking opportunity for artist babes based in the UK and US 🙂

How To Begin_ DAY 1-high.gif


How To Begin will be running again on:

June 12th – 19th and June 19th – 26th 2022


On the first Sunday I will hold a workshop opening ceremony which is a chance for you to ask questions and set intentions for the week.

After that, every day from Monday to Friday you will receive a 15min video and creative task in your inbox at 7am. We invite you to spend anywhere from 45mins + on your creative work for the day. You can do this anywhere or at any time of the day, we just ask that you put aside 1hr minimum every day to engage with the workshop materials.

On the final Sunday I will host a group workshop session on zoom, which will be a chance for the group to come together, share, and reflect.

Over the week you will also be supported through an exclusive digital community space set up exclusively for the group (not on Facebook!) where you can share ideas, reflections and work, as well as asking for support, and finding gentle ways to interact with the workshop group.


You must be 18+ and available for all the dates in order to take place. (Please note Mon-Fri’s tasks are self-directed and you can fit them around your schedule, but Sunday’s group sessions are at a fixed time)

All workshop content is captioned, and a BSL/Language Interpreter will be available on request. 


It is important to us that the workshop pricing accessible, so we have kept the cost as low as possible, and included a student/unwaged/low income tier.

  • Standard Price: £75
  • Student/Unwaged/Low Income Price: £60

We also have a select number of scholarship places available- you can let us know in your application if you would like to apply for one.


You can apply to be on the workshop via the link below. Applications for our 2022 workshops close at 5pm BST on May 29th 2022. Apply here!

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