Lancashire Fringe Festival feedback

Lancashire Fringe festival had an audience of almost 1,000 people for 14 performances over 10 nights in May 2019.

Here are some of the fabulous audience comments:

Absolutely  amazing. I really enjoyed it. I hope this festival will become a tradition in Preston and grow bigger and bigger. Fantastic.

Excellent. More please. Let’s make Preston the centre of culture.

Enjoyed immensely. Preston has been crying out for this for a long time. Special mention to Amy Lee Tempest and Richy Integer – great.

Fantastic mix of spoken word performances. Great to see emerging talent.

Absolutely fantastic. Funny, moving and thought-provoking (and I’m not being patronising) Superb night out.

Wonderful. Lovely to hear a litany of language fast, sad, sorry. I’ll be back for more.

It was a great introduction to the art of spoken word. very good variety of work and a high standard of performance. Can’t wait until the next one.

Excellent – great to see fringe theatre of such high calibre in Preston. Lovely stories – warm, funny and thought-provoking.

Brilliant content v well acted. Funny stories, poignant moments, sometimes strange heart-warming. Great energy, the actors seemed immersed in the stories, like they were really their own.

Original, moving, entertaining, inspirational – can’t wait for the next one! Brilliant acting, high quality performance – a great night with a convivial atmosphere and leaving me with plenty to think about.

I loved the range of monologues, the commitment from the actors. I liked the traverse staging. It meant everyone could see and it meant we could really feel transformed into a different place at each monologue. Lovely night out! Thank you. I felt the sounds were a little distracting – especially as we were near speaker. Really liked the monologues! Maybe that could be your next theme.

Excellent, very expressive. Full of emotions and understanding of various views of society these days.

Two terrific performances nice to see strong work in development, both are already appealing – look forward to what comes next. Katie is a brilliant improviser and Karen’s insights are relatable, plus gags are great and glad she kept them in!

Enjoyed the show. Initially felt nervous but liked the performance and how Katie switched from her 15-year-old self into ideas about recovery.

Don’t know how to describe it, not just a play, monologue [just a] one-woman show. And it worked! Well paced, kept my attention. Resonated. Will stay with me – which is the sign of a good story/play.

An absolutely phenomenal event, amazing job and a fantastic atmosphere! Well one Bob!

Good. Nice to see something different in a lovely location. Hope to see more events like this in Preston.


Brilliant performance. Challenging perceptions, asking questions.

Excellent. It made me cry.

Honest, raw, outstanding.

Facebook invited. I came, loved both shows. Absolutely awesome.

Amazing, the female stand up was inspiring and so real!. Need to see more female acts being appreciated. Rock N Roll was emotional and hilarious. Truly Moving.

Mind bending.


Absolutely awesome. Nannas so so current. Bras So much info and heart felt.

Great evening (unexpected protest withstanding). Great performances giving insights into women’s battles for having a say and being remembered.

Good quality, Ben put lots of effort into his performance.

Loved Ben’s performance and great to see platform given to new poets too.

Absolutely brilliant






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