From The Message Boards by Dan de la Motte at Lancashire Fringe Festival

dan de le motte (Natalie Mitchell 2)

Who doesn’t love a good comedy-lecture about the Royal Family and Daily Mail message board comments?

Lancashire Fringe Festival is proud to present From The Message Boards by Dan de la Motte.

When everything else in the world seems so uncertain, there’s only one news story that remains constant: the media’s infatuation with the Royal Family.

The show will be staged at the Harris Museum on Saturday May 18, starting at 7pm.

Dan picks this apart in an interactive comedy lecture which gets to the nub of what drives people to make the most banal, irrelevant, or downright weird, anonymous comments on the Mail Online message board.

In this interactive comedy piece, Dan picks apart our Royal family, and the Mail’s infatuation and fascination with them, through the Queer lens, as well as an exploration of what drives people to make the most weird, aggressive, or worse, banal comments anonymously on a message board.

Dan de la Motte is a comedian, performer and curator. As part of the Arcola Queer Collective, he was part of They, Them, We, Us, at the Arcola Theatre in April, and performs as part of the Soho Theatre Comedy Lab+.

Dan is a tour guide and host for Queer Tours of London, and a Resident Artist at Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre, where he performed a version of this show in January. Dan is the voice of Off Book, the Young Vic Podcast.

See From The Message Boards by Dan de la Motte at Harris Museum, Market Square, Preston PR1 2PP at 7pm.

Lancashire Fringe Festival is a FREE event. The festival operates a Pay What You Decide model, where audiences can make an optional donation after the show. No tickets required. Just turn up!
Twitter: @Dandelamotte

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