Lancashire Fringe Festival 2019 (Preston May 15-24)

lff flyer 2019 digitalIt’s taken a while to get this far – and the worst bit has been having to turn down some of my favourite people and performers because I couldn’t find them a venue. I was working had on this until last night. But some other brilliant shows have squeezed their way into the festival, not least because of the help of some amazing people like Catherine Mugonyi (Harris Museum), and Kelly Graves & Chris Gilligan (Derelict).

One thing I’ve learned through all this is that if you sit at your desk all day and bang your head on the keyboard enough times, nothing changes.

I think I’ve got some of the best performers in the country appearing at this festival. I think that, because I have.

There’s still a lot of work to do and this next month I will be promoting the hell out of this festival. My aim is to get people who don’t see much live stuff to come along, enjoy themselves and experience something wonderful. If you think you know someone like that – or if you think that might be you – get in touch, speak to me, take a leap of faith and come along to the festival.

These events don’t work unless people come to them. And Preston won’t develop into the arts and cultural hub it wants to be unless you – the people – turn up.

Possibly the most important thing to say is that all the events in this festival are FREE. No charge to you.

I’m using a Pay What You Decide model, which means can put some money in a bucket after the show, should you wish. (It may be that some shows have a ticket system with a nominal refundable fee – but that will only be so we can manage venues with a strict capacity).

I’m now going to do my best not to fall out with tortured poets and diva performers. Wish me luck and see you on Wednesday, May 15.


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