Schedule for Lancashire Fringe Festival July 15 & 16

Fri July 15

7pm PERFORMANCE: Charlotte Berry – Crystal Vision 15 mins

7.15pm COMEDY: AJ Hill – Ahoy! 30mins

7.50pm POETRY: Marvin Cheeseman 30mins

8.25pm PERFORMANCE: Frances Kay – Sorry 40mins

9.15pm IMPROVISATION: Joanne Tremarco – Women Who Wank 1hr

10.20pm COMEDY: John Porter – Lunatic (of the) Fringe 40mins


Sat July 16

7pm THEATRE House of Misery Presents Comedy Sketch Quiz

7.50pm PERFORMANCE: Juliette Burton – Decision Time 1hr

9.00pm COMEDY: Larknado 40mins

9.50pm MENTALIST: Mason King  – Mind Control 40mins


(Times may be subject to change)

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