Spoken word: Poet Marvin Cheeseman and Lancashire Fringe Festival

marvin cheeseman, lancashire fringe festival, poetry, spoken word

Marvin Cheeseman is comedy performance poet. He is very funny.

He has appeared at many comedy venues across the UK including the Edinburgh Festival and the Cheltenham Festival of Literature. His work is described as ‘a celebration of the mundane’ and ‘a report from the launderette of life’.

In 2014 he was named Hull Comedian of the Year. His work has been featured on BBC radio and BBC TV poetry series Whine Gums.  He has published three collections – Full Metal Jacket Potato, Making Prawn Sandwiches for Roy Keane and We Hate It When Our Ex-lodgers Become Successful.

Known as “The Doyen of the Deadpan” (Cheltenham Festival of Literature), Marvin is working on a fourth collection entitled “Moston Tea Party.”

To give you an idea of what he’s about, here’s one of his poems:

Dear Bono,
Having a lovely time.
The weather’s nice, but I still haven’t found
what I’m looking for
All the best,
The Edge.

Marvin Cheeseman is from Manchester. @MarvinCheeseman

He will be appearing at Lancashire Fringe Festival on Fri, July 15 at about 7.50pm.

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