The venues

In 2016 the Lancashire Fringe Festival was held at Ham & Jam Coffee Shop (now The Larder). We now use several venues across the city, including The Ferret, Harris Museum, The Continental, Stanley Arms, Vinyl Tap and UCLan’s Media Factory.

We are massively proud of the audiences we have brought to the hugely varied shows we have brought to Preston, plus to other venues in Lancashire, Yorkshire and acorss the north of England).

In Preston, we’ve wroked particularly hard on engaging non-theatre going audiences and minority groups. This work has included engagement sessions with community organisations across the city and through bringing shows like The Community Centre to Preston, a diverse multi-cultural theatre show which brought in an audience of over 100 people at The Continental in 2019.

Here are some audinence photographs from the events we have held.


garry starr preston 0119


dementhe 029

lf handj 198

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