Performance artist Frances Kay will bloody well blow your mind at Lancashire Fringe Festival

frances kay, lancashire fringe festival, performance artist

Frances Kay, from Rishton near Blackburn, brings her controversial performance Sorry to Lancashire Fringe Festival on Friday, July 15.

And this is one not to be missed. It’s unlike anything else on at teh festival – and unlike anything else you will ever see. Ever.

Her work explores the effects of performance on the body and mind: endurance, duration and pain. Sorry is a critical examination of the performer’s life: her behaviour, clothes, emotions and drinking problems. It takes aim at society and the pressures of beauty and conformity.

But it’s the way this message is devivered, by a hugely innovative performance artist, which is most striking. Kay’s work pushes boundaries, not just for the artist herself but also for the audience.

At times difficult to watch but always captivating, Kay’s performance for Sorry mixes music and repetition to hugely dramatic effect.


frances kay, lancashire fringe festival, performance artist